The Anson Fire Department was an unofficial (not town-funded) organization prior to 1912. This was the first year, on-record, the town allocated taxpayer funds for the firefighting purposes. The town awarded funds to both Anson and North Anson sub-station, the funding was predicated by two late-1890’s fires in the North Anson business district.

Some Anson businesses had run water piping to provide for the individual business, but there were no fire hydrants or ways to tap the piped water for firefighting. A third fire in 1913, completely wiped out the business district-which led to the town construction of water lines to Hancock Pond for the purpose of pressurizing fire hydrants. Previously, the fire crews got water from four water tubs.

In 1918, the Town of Anson provided funding for fire hydrant rentals, the hydrants were pressurized using the Hancock Pond piping. Hancock is still the main water source for the Town of Anson municipal water supply system and for continued pressurization of the hydrants.

Through the late, 1990’s- the North Anson Village and Anson-South Village Stations had its own fire chief and operated as separate entities. The town constructed the North station in 1959; the South station was constructed in 1974. Prior to the 1974 construction of the South station the trucks were housed at the Anson Town Hall.

In 1999, the town consolidated the two stations into the current Anson Fire Department.  the town eliminated one fire chief. The one fire chief and one deputy chief along with four officers and several other firefighters oversee operations and duties.

In 2018, the Anson Fire Department and the Anson town selectman voted in the first female fire chief and still is the current fire chief now Stacy Beane.